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The World Under The Spell of Armenian Duduk

The World Under The Spell of Armenian Duduk

"I am an afghan Jewish man but recently I have found out that I have armenian blood and I couldn't ask for more beautiful gift from God, I have always used listen to Duduk and I have always had a felling iam part of it (...)"

"I've not got any Armenian blood running through my veins well I don't think I have, but when I hear this music is feels so familiar in a way that I can't really explain it's like I've been away and now I'm back home where I feel safe and at peace, it's the most amazing sensation/feeling I've ever felt."

"ARMENIA is great land with great culture and history, this nation is very old, thank you ARMENIA for everything what you did for Serbia. Because of ARMENIA we have a beautiful monesterys all around Serbia. 1389.(...)"

"Oh dear god! what a beautiful music!. this is what should we teach our children, how to fall in love with humanity by listening to music. god bliss you brother...big like from Syria."

"My Swedish mind and soul have agreed that when my earthly existence is no more to bring this heavenly music to the Paradise of Souls for meditation while they are still there."

These and many other comments on Youtube are about Armenian music of Duduk. It is really amazing, how the music of the Armenian soul can be native and close to so many people of different races, religions, nations, countries. It seems that it can change the world with its magic and unify the planet. We, Armenians, often forget about the power of our culture. Let's turn on the melody, read comments under the video and feel the great spirit of Armenia.


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