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The Long-Waited Armenian Project for the Diaspora: MARAR 2019

The Long-Waited Armenian Project for the Diaspora: MARAR 2019

The Ministry of Defense together with the foundation “ARAR” and “Haykaberd” has launched a project aimed at strengthening national education in the Armenian Diaspora.

Now, young people from any country of the world can arrive in Armenia to participate in unique activities combining military and sports trainings as well as cultural and educational programs.

Two such gatherings have been passed so far, and young people from several countries participated in them. As the participants and the organizers mention, the results exceeded expectations.

The participants took with them the experience and the emotions, acquired during the project and will remember them for many years. At the same time, they experienced Armenia like the Armenian Army, which took an active part in the project, providing infrastructure and conditions for the participants’ comfort.

During ten days the people acquired new practical skills, established contacts with other participants, as well as with local people. They aren’t already just people from Diaspora, they have become people who “experienced” Armenia, who take its brand to their countries and spread it among their friends.

The program is really intensive: sports trainings, involvement in culture, seminars with interesting people, trips and camping. The organizers face the challenge of doing as much as possible within a short period of time.

Igor Zargaryan, one of the initiators of the project, mentioned: “The idea was born in 2016, after the April war. We want our young generation to experience their country as much as possible and to be joined with it by firm bonds.”

It’s noteworthy that the project is not necessarily focused on Armenians, moreover, its doors are open to all interested people. There were already Russian and Georgian boys among the participants. There are two main levels of training in the project: for those, who have already participated in it and for those who will take part in it for the first time. Both girls and boys may take part in the project.

The goal of the project is not only intensive training and acquaintance with the country, but also establishment of communications between participants from different countries who have united in an integrated network of like-minded people and friends.

In the future, the organizers face the challenge of creating teams that will conduct different tactical games and compete with each other. It will become a great event in which those teams which participated before, will also take part. While they will compete with each other, develop their skills to a higher level, the Ministry of Defense and the organizers will do their best to ensure that the conditions always remain at a high level and the attitude towards the people (of any sex) be not “touristic”, but military, with high demands and discipline.

The organizers promise that in the near future the interested people will be provided by more detailed information.


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