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International Musicians Singing Armenian Song "Noubar" [VIDEO]

International Musicians Singing Armenian Song "Noubar" [VIDEO]

Telli Turnalar is a successful alchemy between four female musicians, two of European origin who lived in Turkey (Eléonore Fourniau & Petra Nachtmanova), and two of Anatolian origin raised in France (Cangül Kanat & Gülay Hacer Toruk).

Their project was born out of a shared love for the Folk Music of Anatolia and its principal instrument, the Saz. They are inspired by the Music of ashiks, bards who express the people’s emotions and announce revolts, the Alevis, who worship the saz in their ceremonies, and the riches and variety of Anatolian Culture. They come together in a common quest marked by openness, spontaneity and generosity offering a female angle on the music. The sounds of the Saz weave the musical ground on which every voice is carefully placed according to its unique color and character, creating a polyphonic construction of skilful arrangement including percussion and a medieval instrument named hurdy-gurdy.

Telli Turnalar perform a repertoire of love songs, laments and dances in several languages (Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, Greek, etc), which all equally belong to this astonishingly rich part of the world, marked by such great suffering so much beauty at once.


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