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Sibil – The Voice of Western Armenia

Sibil – The Voice of Western Armenia

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On September 23rd , Sibil – an Armenian singer from Istanbul – released a new video clip of the song Miayn Tun “Only you” , written in Western Armenian. This is the seventh video clip of the artist, who despite of  being a representative of the Turkish diaspora, performs songs exclusively in Armenian, whereas she would be very famous if  she performed in Turkish.

Although it is difficult to become famous singing Armenian songs in Turkey, Sibil has managed to enter the top-ten of the best artists of Turkey. Her video clip of the song “Namag” (“The letter”, the lyrics of which is taken from Hovhannes Shiraz’s poem) was broadcast on Turkish national television channels.

Sibil hasn’t got musical education: she is a financier and has been working in the bank for a long time. Playing music was not her career goal. In order to become successful, Sibil’s producer offered her to record a song in Turkish, however, she refused from the proposal: “I couldn’t earn money performing songs in Armenian in Turkey. Mu purpose was to introduce to Turkey the Armenian songs. I said, I must record an album and it’s not important how successful it will become”.

Sibil’s story is a case of unique success which is achieved thanks to her strong will and love of music. Today, you can hardly remember an Armenian musician in the Diaspora who performs only Armenian songs and has become successful in that way.


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