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One of the facts that the Armenian nation is certainly proud of is the heroes of the national liberation movement of the late 19th century, who fought against the Turkish sultans for the rights and freedoms of Armenians and the liberation of Western Armenia. The names of Aghbiur Serob, Kevork Chavush, Andranik Ozanyan, and other revolutionaries are forever inscribed in golden letters in the history of Armenia.

But few people know that even after the genocide, Armenian heroes still stayed in the mountains of Western Armenia and waged the same revolutionary struggle becoming the successors of the aforementioned national liberators.

One of them is Nubar Ozanyan, a talented fighter and revolutionary commander who has dedicated his entire life to fighting against the Turkish government. From the age of 14, with a weapon in hand, he fought for the national rights of the Armenian and other nations of the region, who were persecuted. Nubar fought not only in Turkey itself but also in Syria and Lebanon. When the Karabakh movement began, he considered it to be his duty to come to Armenia and fight the enemies of his nation. In Artsakh, he trained young fighters of 14-16 years old, teaching the use of weapons, military tactics, then he defended the borders of Karvachar with trained fighters (in the Omar mountain range not far from Vardenis). Participating in all national liberation movements in the region, he occupied leading positions during the hostilities, sharing his experience and knowledge with the fighters and becoming a reliable comrade for them.

Nubar Ozanyan (real name - Fermun Çırak) was born in 1956 in the city of Yozgat (central Turkey) into a poor Armenian family. From an early age, he grew up without a mother, who died before he came of age. He studied at the Karagözyan Armenian primary school. After receiving primary education, he became interested in revolutionary ideas and joined the ranks of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP / ML), which is in fact an insurgent movement, leading the armed struggle against the Turkish government.

Within the framework of this organization, this brave Armenian fought in the mountains of Turkey, Syria, and Artsakh throughout his life, protecting the local population from the encroachments of Turkey, exactly in the same way as the Armenian fedayeen did in their time.

Little has changed over the years. Only the poorly educated Kurdish tribes, which the Turkish authorities used to exterminate the Armenian population under the slogan of "holy war on Christians," eventually became an oppressed nation in Turkey themselves, whose blood does not stop shedding to this day. Hence, now the Kurdish Question has also been added to the Armenian Question, which united these two nations in the struggle against a common enemy for their rights and for safely residing in the region.

Nubar Ozanyan was also engaged in research. He knew Armenian, Turkish, Kurdish, and even learned Russian for his work. One of his greatest aspirations was to preserve and pass on his military experience and knowledge to future generations. To do this, he read a lot, was engaged in the translation of various documents and works, especially those that could contribute to the development of the revolutionary movement.

Nubar Ozanyan died on August 14, 2017, in Syria in a battle against terrorists of The Islamic State (ISIS). He was only 61 years old, most of which he spent in struggle.

Nubar was not only a talented fighter; he became a commander and an authority figure among all ideological comrades in different countries of the world. An interesting fact, but despite being a communist, a commemoration ceremony was held in the Armenian church, during which the Armenian priest said: “We have a free and independent homeland thanks to the martyrs like Nubar Ozanyan, Andranik Ozanyan, Kevork Chavush, Serob Aghbiur, thanks to the blood they shed. Thanks to them, we have Armenian schools and colleges. They spared no effort in the name of the liberation of their homeland.”

According to his comrades in arms, Nubar truly wanted to put down roots in Armenia. In 1994, when he came to Armenia to participate in the Karabakh war, he met Nazik Tulakyan in Yerevan, who had an eight-year-old son Khachik, who speaks of Nubar as follows: “He was not my real father, but was dearer to my heart than my father. We loved each other very much. He was not only a father to me but also a teacher, and I always took an example from him." It is noteworthy that Nubar Ozanyan tried to obtain Armenian citizenship for a long time, but he did not succeed.

Two years after his death, in 2019, on the 104th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, The Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Brigade was created, which is fighting against Turkish fascism in Syria. The main goal of the brigade is to protect the Armenians remaining in the territory of Syria, their identity, culture, language, and religion from the attacks of the Turkish state.

When asked, “Why did you decide to name your brigade in honor of Nubar Ozanyan?” the brigade members answer:

“When comrade Nubar Ozanyan came to fight in Rojava (n. Syrian Kurdistan), he saw that there are Armenians in these lands, including Arabized and Kurdish Armenians. He understood that we all need to consolidate in the fight against Daesh (n. Islamic State) and was fired up about this idea. The idea of creating a brigade belongs to comrade Nubar Ozanyan." (Arnos)

“Martyr Nubar Ozanyan was a military leader who sacrificed himself to his nation. He sacrificed himself for our nation. We have formed our brigade to continue his struggle." (Masis)

“Martyr Noubar Ozanyan became immortal by fighting the enemy. The Armenian commander Nubar Ozanyan sacrificed himself for truth, equality, and justice. We are honored to name our brigade after him." (Poghos)

Photo from the military ceremony of The Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Brigade, the photographs depict fighters for the rights and freedoms of nations against Turkish violence.  

The death of Nubar Ozanyan was devastating for many of his followers. Kurds, Armenians, Arabs, and like-minded Turks mourned. It is written on the official website of the TKP / ML party,

“Taking upon himself the pain of the oppressed Armenian people subjected to genocide, he ascended to the top of Mount Ararat, raising a revolutionary struggle (...). He was a revolutionary storm that spread from the top of Mount Ararat to Palestine, Dersim, Armenia, and Rojava. "

On the video: Nubar Ozanyan's funeral


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