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Independence Day: What Is Wrong With Us?

Independence Day: What Is Wrong With Us?

The Independence Day should be the most important holiday for any Armenian.  What is more sacred than the independence of the home country? Tens of generations of Armenians could only dream of it. At certain times there was practically no chance to become independent. Now,  despite everything,  we have our own state, our flag, anthem, capital, whereas the history of revived Armenia was set up with a military victory.  

What's next? Why cannot our country move towards progress and development for almost thirty years?

Gyumri, the second city of the country has not recovered from the earthquake yet;  the industry in the country is almost devastated;  the number of those,  who are leaving the country is larger  than the number of those who have returned to their dream country of Armenia.

Let’s discuss and try to understand the reasons of this situation.  What is the most problematic issue in Armenia for you? Let’s try to reveal   the factors which impede progress of the country.

The factors can be formally divided into two main groups:

1. The external issues (the unfinished war, the partial blockade, the transit dependence, the inconvenient logistics, the absence of oil and gas e.t.c)

2. The internal issues (the poor management, the high level of corruption, the absence of strategic development plans e.t.c)

Please, leave your comments and vote:

Green finger - External issues

Red finger -   Internal issues

Deadline: 8 October 2018


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