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Garo Palyan: the Hero of Our Times

Garo Palyan: the Hero of Our Times

“Currently we are facing political winter in Turkey, but we will survive the winter and sight the spring” Garo Palyan

The name of this person became hideously popular after the phenomenal speech on Armenian Genocide in the Turkish Parliament on April 2016. Due to the numerous eye-catching headlines with his name Garo Palyan was the prior subject of discussion among the Armenian Communities worldwide. He has been compared with Hrant Dink and been named a hero of our times. He is affably greeted among all the Armenians all over the world and his attention-grabbing presence is always welcomed with open arms. The exploration of an evolution and development of such an extraordinary identity as Garo Palyan is high importance.

Garo Palyan is one of three Armenian deputies in the Turkish Parliament. Being elected as the representative of People’s Democratic Party (HDP) in Turkish Parliament, he actively fights for all the rules of the party. Moreover, he is actively participating not only in the political but also in the public life of Turkey propending the implementation of crucial demands of the party, such as: the rights protection of various minorities living in Turkey, fights against the demonstration of sex discrimination, ethnical and confessional issues. For providing the high productivity in the affairs he has become one of the leaders of the party on the February of this year.

The People’s Democratic Party implements the policy of participatory democracy which emphasizes the broad participation of constituents in the direction and operation of political system. The members of the party state that the first step to the prosper democracy is to create a strong autonomic political representation elected by the broaden range of people leading to the type of empowerment needed for participatory models, especially those technological tools that enable community narratives and correspond to the accretion of knowledge.

It is important to highlight that one of the crucial issues the party fights for is recognition of  the Armenian Genocide. Garo addressed this question for thousands of times and demanded that Turkey must accept the fact and apologize for it.

Garo was born in Malatia, East Turkey, which was the homeland for another great Armenian Hrant Dink, assassinated in January 2007. Palyan’s family had to move to Polis (Istanbul), because of the absence of Armenian schools in Malatia. At that time Polis Being the centre of Armenian Community would become the start over place for the future prominent political figure. After the school he mastered the ability to  control the questions concerning the Armenian Community. Being among the management board of Armenian Schools he hired Armenian teachers and forced to launch the correction of manuals in Turkish schools. 

Garo has been actively engaged not only in the daily life of the Armenian Community but in raising the awareness on issues of discrimination towards Armenians living in Turkey. The main course of inspiration for Garo was Hrant Dink, who indulge civil resistance and solidity in various crucial issues for the Turkish Government. Acting as a voluntary spokesperson for the Armenian Community in Turkey, he bravely made the Armenian society break the silence and addressed the prejudices, injustices and problems the community faced in its interaction with the Turkish society and state.

Hrant Dink was one of the prominent Armenian voices in Turkey. Despite the threats on his life, he refused to remain silent. He openly addressed the society with the tricky questions concerning Armenians. He highlighted the point of the Armenian origins, where they came from, where used to live. In his public speeches, which were often intensely emotional, he never refrained from using the word genocide when talking about the Armenian Genocide, a term fiercely rejected by Turkey. He encouraged all the silent Armenians to come up with the stories and made the Turkish Government face the reality. His assassination in 2007 was a disaster for not only Garo but for the whole Armenian society. It was the bright scenario of a cruel reality where Armenians had to survive.

Understanding that the political life has the potential to provide all possible ways of problem solving and implementation of the changes, Garo became an active political figure and Parliament Member. At the very beginning he was syphilizing the Kurdish Party fighting for its place in Turkey. Later on founding the Party of People’s Democracy he became one of the fighters of democracy values in the country. Nowadays HDP is one of the rare Parties in Mejilis having its solid role and Garo’s efforts are more than worthful in this question.

The fact that Garo is the unquestionable decent of Grant Dink is out of discussion. His courageous speeches, open demands of recognizing the Armenian genocide, fights for the minorities’ equal rights, pleas for the conservation of the Armenian monuments in the territory of Turkey and in general all his efforts concerning   Armenian nation depict his respectable attitude towards his nations which is welcoming through pure love and respect among all Armenians. All his values with the meticulously mastered public speaking abilities made his name one of the creditably famous ones among the political figures in the Ottoman Parliament. Active political figures like Grigor Zohrab, Vahan Papazyan, Grigor Otyan, Petros Alachyan and others. Those where the ones he named and whose photographs publicly showed during his famous speech.

Garo Palyan always states that the Armenian issue should be solved in Turkey. He assures the fact of creating bridges among the countries will lead to a strong and responsible negotiations. While at the same time he strongly accepts the complexity of the path he runs for. As a matter of fact he is undoubtfully moving forward taking tiny but inevitably confidant steps to the way to success.


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