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Big Event for Armenians in Turkey: the Armenian Channel “Luys” (Light) Started its Broadcasting

Big Event for Armenians in Turkey: the Armenian Channel “Luys” (Light) Started its Broadcasting

With the broadcasting of ceremonies in the churches of St. Vardanants and St. Mariam, the Armenian channel “Luys” (Light) started its broadcasting.

The channel commenced its work on January 6, on Christmas day, according to the Armenian calendar. “The “Luys” was created in the eve of Christmas” – mentioned Harutyun Kural.

The TV channel started broadcasting fifteen days after the publication in the magazine “Luys” that there is a channel for Armenians in Turkey.

“The opening was today. Now you can follow us in HD format in Turkish and Armenian languages all over the world”, mentioned Kural. At the same time, if there is an Internet connection, you can connect the TV channel from mobile and other devices.

Harutyun Kural /

Father's Dream

“My father, Aram Kural, worked as a journalist for 35 years, and it was his idea to create an Armenian channel. He thought that it was a necessity for the Armenian community of Turkey. We managed to realize his dream. At eight in the morning, at twelve and at seven in the evening you can see news in Armenian and Turkish languages. In addition to state news, there will be news programs interesting for Armenians. Programs about art, culture, economy and sport programs also will be broadcast”, added he.

The magazine “Luys” presents itself in this way: “We managed to meet readers from Turkey, America, Argentina, France and Germany. We show the life of the Armenian, Syrian and Greek peoples from the other side. We memorialize moments from the lives of successful people and artists. We celebrated the first year of our work reaching 30 thousand readers in 26 countries. We will continue to emit light in the near future”.

Kural mentioned that there would also be special live broadcast of  local Armenian communities. On March 4, the former Prime Minister, the candidate for the mayor of Istanbul, Binali Yildirim was the guest of the first program of the “Luys” TV channel.

The candidate from the ruling party mentioned that they need work together for the future of Istanbul. “The color of our eyes, skin, hair is different, but the color of tears flowing from our eyes is the same. Therefore, we must be like brothers and work together for the benefit of Istanbul. Over 16 years of rule, we have managed a lot, but there is still a lot to do”, said the politician.

We hope “Luys” will become the first Armenian channel showing the events in the life of the Armenian people in a true light. After all, those who seek shelter in the shadow, will never be able to emit light.



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