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Powerful Voice of the Motherland on the Roads of Wander: Tara Mamedova

Powerful Voice of the Motherland on the Roads of Wander: Tara Mamedova

The family of Tara Mamedova who had experienced many deprivations and difficulties since childhood, about hundred years ago immigrated from Agra (eastern Turkey) to Armenia and from there to Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan, where she was born in 1983. In 1993 after the collapse of the Soviet Union her family had to move to a small Russian village.  It was hard as being Kurds they did not have their own country and had nowhere to go. 

The most difficult problem was that after settling in the village the former teachers, doctors and engineers from Kyrgyzstan had to be engaged in cattle breeding since in winter it was practically impossible to leave the village for the town.

The change of domicile greatly affected Tara. In Kyrgyzstan she took piano lessons while in Russia due to constant inconvenience and relocation she did not attend musical classes for a period of time. Tara's mother who was a teacher gave her children private classes due to the differences between the Russian and Kyrgyz education system.  After a while owing to the fact that her mother managed to get a job as a teacher at the village school they started to lead a normal life.  

Later Tara managed to enroll at the theatre faculty. Her tutor cast her parts where she could sing and dance at the same time. An actor who can perform on the stage and sing has more chances to connect his life with the music.   

Tara's childhood full of hardship and immigrations, was certainly troubled, and it made her emotional and sensitive person. With the help of music Tara shares her emotional experience.

At the age of 21 she dropped school and decided to leave for Paris to receive musical education. Without knowing the language and being absolutely alone Tara had to work in many different places. Things got better when she learnt the French language: it gave her an opportunity to concentrate on music. 

In Paris she first sang in a jazz group, and then began to perform solo. Nevertheless, she as a lead singer in jazz and blues groups becomes interested in the music of this genre.  Overall, as a lead singer of jazz and blues groups she does not associate this music with jazz and blues but defines it as modern ethnic pop music because she likes to introduce ethnic motives into her performance.  

Tara spent most of her life in Russia and France and besides being fluent in Russian, Kurdish and French, she also learnt Turkish while living in France.  Despite her rich language experience she wrote songs only in Kurdish language.

In the album «Ah» the singer wrote songs in the dialects of the Kurdish language: Sorani and Zazaki. 

On August, 2014 the terrorist group ISIS attacked the region of Shengal inhabited by Yazidis.  Approximately five thousand children and women were taken into sexual slavery. Tara dedicated one of her songs called «Shengali women» to these tragic events. 

Also a Yazidi vocal performer Zara, famous in Russia, sang a number of songs in Kurdish in the International ethnic festival in Russia called «Music of Our Hearts». The words of the songs were written by Tara Mamedova and the music was written by Jasmine Levi. At the festival she performed with the Anatolian dance group.

Developing and improving her music Tara was able to fascinate her fans at the concert in Beyoglu (a region in Istanbul) on January 20, 2019. I managed to attend her concert and listen to Tara's new songs, having the chance to personally enjoy the vibrant show of the talented musicians.  At the concert Tara once again demonstrated what a special artist she is, performing in full swing in harmony with the musicians, periodically entering candid dialogues with the audience. In addition she sang several songs in French and Russian collecting the applauses of the entire hall.

I hope Tara will continue to visit the places where her talent will be duly appreciated and she will continue to delight and surprise her fans with her songs in Turkish, Kurdish, French and Russian languages.



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