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Daniel Varoujan’s Love Story

Daniel Varoujan’s Love Story

Daniel Varoujan is one of the greatest representatives of the Western Armenian poetry. With his patriotic and brilliant works, he managed to light fire in the hearts of  people… Turkish authorities were haunted by his ideas and thoughts and on April 24 those bastards brutally killed the greatest poet.

In the third year of Grigor Chbukkaryan and Taguhi Gharibyan’s marriage (20 April, 1884), when Daniel’s father, Grigor, reads about Daniel’s prophecy in church, one of his close friends runs up and informs him that his son was born. Father returns home with an already made decision, that is to name his son Daniel.

Little Daniel was very calm and quiet, but at the same time he was interesting and curious. He differed from his peers by his individuality which developed over the years and helped him find his place in society. On the way from a student to a teacher, the poet’s vocation, given him from above, was the most important . That vocation was not a simple name or means of living, it was like oxygen for him, which he breathed and passed to his readers.

Each work embodied a certain period of his life, an explosion of emotions and a cluster of unusual thoughts. And behind all this is Daniel the creator, the giver and talent with unique style of writing. We can write about Daniel’s life, activity and works very long, however, we will try to understand what kind of  a loving person Daniel was.  

From the saved records of many friends, one can understand how pure Daniel’s soul was. He was honest, kind and loyal. He possessed a special subtlety of the soul and cared too much about people. 

Daniel Varoujan.

A bright and a brave young man, full of inexhaustible desire to create was hiding under the mask of arrogancy. He was like an adult with adults and like a child with childs. He was not a private person, but he was not so much talkative, however, when he was among his close friends, he was becoming a very cheerful and friendly person. This is how the friends of Daniel remember him, a modest and talented man with whom every moment was filled with a meaning, every moment was interesting and enlightening.

One day, her superiority Love visits Daniel and here start hopeless, but ongoing efforts.

Araqsi’s (wife’s name) father, Mirchan Tashchyan, was a rich trader, a conservative and a traditional man. Taking into account the wish of the beloved daughter, Mirchan invites Varoujan to teach Armenian and French languages. Varoujan accepts the offer, in order  to earn some money and accelerate the publication of some unknown works. He knew, that Araqsi had got engaged with L. against her will, just by the request of her parents. However, that didn’t prevent him, as it was such a small obstacle for such a great love, that had originated thanks to the spiritual connection and harmony between these two people. The mind could do nothing with the strongest love possible.

Varoujan tries to understand what really goes on and thinks about the future, about Araqsi’s future husband’s state and relations between the two families. He tries to forget her, but in vain. The suffering chains him, sadness and love become inseparable, he turns to be thoughtful and sad.  

In this desperate situation, the girl turned to be stronger and dared to break the peace within her family. She tells the parents that denies the imposed love and the imposed husband. The parents and the relatives try to prevent her from the decision and call her acts shameful, however, nothing could change Araqsi’s decision. Araqsi’s parents would like to see gold and money instead of the irreplaceable talent of the poet. Varoujan didn’t think about wealth, he just wanted to marry with a girl, whose soul he adored. Although Varoujan’s financial situation was poor, the fame of his talent promised to be loud.

They say, Varoujan planned to kidnap Araqsi, if her parents refused him again. The whole city gets to know about his plans and this becomes a new obstacle for the couple. Still unable to cope with the first obstacle, a new one appears: Araqsi’s uncle, Tigran, working in a well-known carpet factory, tries to separate Araqsi and Varoujan. He planned to marry Araqsi with the director of the factory, an elegant and young L. Efendi. Everybody was glad to know about it and tried to preserve traditions instead of preserving the greatest love. Nobody was asking Araqsi’s opinion: everybody was sure that she had to obey, even if she didn’t want to do that.

Varoujan was depressed and was becoming sad day by day, however, deep down he was sure, that their love would win. Araqsi’s resistance had no results, and she became like a bird, put in a cage. On the day of the engagement, Araqsi writes a short letter: 

“Nobody can break up me and my beloved and adorable Varoujan.”

Daniel decides to send a note to Araqsi’s future husband in hope that the latter would change his mind. Having read the note and having seen the bride’s sad, pale face and eyes full of tears, L. Efendi responds in a proud tone that he congratulates Varoujan and wishes him the best with his lover. This news spreads immediately, and the girl’s parents give up, realizing that these two lovers are ready to pass through any obstacle to be together.

The marriage ceremony passes in a very modest way, without music and guests, except for one or two closest people. However, Varoujan’s parents wanted to take the bride and the groom to their hometown Brgnik, accompanied by Armenian national music. Brgnik gets filled with feast and fun, and the love story of Varoujan and Araqsi becomes a subject of admiration for people.

Love and care were in their new family. The firstborn, Veronica, Daniel Varoujan dedicates the work “Varoujnaks.” The second child was named Armen, and the third one, whom unfortunately Varoujan didn’t manage to see, was named Haykak. The sons were married to Armenian girls in Frezno, and the daughter married to Armenian in New York.

Araqsi Varujan remembers how Daniel was spending sleepless nights writing poems and correcting them. He was in a perfect harmony with the muse. He used to read the poems for the wife, as her opinion and impression were important to him.

Unfortunately, this happiness didn’t last long. In the evening, at 23:00, April 11/24, when Daniel, Araqsi and the children were at home, Daniel was arrested. Araqsi opened the door, and three men entered the house with words: “Where is effendi?”

They ordered to search Varoujan’s room and take with them everything they would find. They informed Araqsi that Varoujan had to sign some documents. After waiting till morning, Araqsi realized that his husband was sent into exile.

On 26 August, 1915 Daniel Varoujan was killed. By a very strange coincidence, on the same day, the third child of the Varoujan family was born. Life and death met together, grief and joy mixed each other.

Translated from Armenian. Sourse: Daniel Varoujan’s Love Story

Translated by Manan Ajamyan.


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