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What is the difference between “the ideological revolutionaries” and others?

What is the difference between “the ideological revolutionaries” and others?

On 26th of August, on Saturday, two Armenians appeared in the forefront of the conflict between the police and peaceful protestors: Arat Dink – the son of the  killed journalist and human rights activist Hrant Dink, and Garo Paylan – the deputy of the Turkish Mejlis and the member of the Democratic Party of People. They came to square Taksim in the centre of Istanbul, to defend the members of the movement “Saturday Mothers”. These are the relatives and the friends of people who died and went missing after they had been detained by the police. Apparently, the state punitive machine tried to suppress dissent and opposition speeches of national minorities via detentions, since the demonstrators consisted mainly of Kurds and Alevites.

Arat Dink and Garo Paylan tried to convince the police to let the demonstrators express their demands and not use violence, but the police was pushing them away. As a result, on video and photographic materials we see how the police beats, drags, uses tear gas - in general, in every way applies violence to peaceful people, for whom two Armenians acted as a shield.

Arat Dink (in the middle) with Garo Paylan (to the right) / Vedat Arık

The events, taking place in Turkey were superseded from Armenian news by the arrival of Den Bilzerian, an American playboy and a millionaire of Armenian origin, to Armenia.  Bilzerian came to his homeland to get Armenian citizenship and shoot guns in Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenian media monitored his every move, making it an event of the national scale: it is unlikely that there will be at least one person in Armenia who did not discuss, praise or, on the contrary, condemn the personality of Bilzerian, while there was practically no discussion of events in Turkey.  In Armenia they did not attach much importance to this

Many Armenians sincerely do not understand why the Armenians "fight for Turkey" - a country hostile to them. Why do they live in Turkey? And they do not yet know what it's like to be an oppositionist in Turkey. It is far from being like in Armenia - to get out, scream, wag the flags, block the streets. No. Any kind of protests in Turkey is  perceived by the authorities as hostile and is suppressed extremely cruelly, down to open firing on citizens. The two Armenians did not just take part in the protest, they stood up for protection of people , putting their lives and health at risk, advocating the right of people to protest against lawlessness, for the right to demand and be heard, in short - for democratic changes.

While Armenians dream of Western Armenia, only a Turkish Armenian, by risking his life, tries to bring these pipe dreams closer to reality, he continues to struggle for changes in Turkey, so that the national minorities have a chance to be owners of  their historical territory. Turkish Armenians - Arat Dink, Garo Paylan and others - did not emigrate from the homeland of their ancestors, did not choose a quiet life: they live in Istanbul, they are constantly exposed to discrimination, they are threatened and caught by the  police, but still remain unvalued and misunderstood by an Armenian from Armenia or Russia.


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