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The word "kamourge" stands for a word "bridge". A bridge between past and present. A bridge that erases all the artificial barriers in each other's way. Heritage, people, culture and history that must be known about.

"This is Armenia and that is it": Today is the Birthday of Leonid Azgaldyan

Ten Questions to Zareh Sinanyan

The Emergence of the Armenian State in Cilicia

Krikor Zohrab: "We Need to Seek Refuge from the Earthly Storms"

Krikor Zohrab: Old Symbol of New Turkey

“White Dreams” Based on Vahan Totovents’s Novel

Syunik (Gladzor) and Tatev Miniature Painting Schools

The First Republic of Armenia: an Independent State Six Centuries Later

Leo I the Magnificent, the First King of Armenian Cilicia

Old and New Churches of Gyumri

The Return of ASALA’s Spiritual Father Gourgen Yanikian: ZHAM's Exclusive Interview with Armen Yergat

"I Will Never Forget Armenia": an Expedition of a Russian Writer to Turkey During the Armenian Genocide

How a Single Person Made the Whole World Remember the Genocide: Armenian Avenger Gourgen Yanikian

How the Spanish Monarch Presented Madrid to the Last King of Cilician Armenia: an Excerpt from Kostan Zaryan’s Novel “Spania” (Part 2)

How the Spanish Monarch Presented Madrid to the Last King of Cilician Armenia: an Excerpt from Kostan Zaryan’s Novel “Spania”

Diaspora Armenians Answer the Questions

Garo Kahkejian: The White Bear And The Crusaders

1940s Repatriation: Armenian Americans Send Letter to President Eisenhower, Requesting Return

Flora Zabelle Mangasarian, the First Armenian Broadway Actress

Armenians in Russia: Why the Biggest Community in the World is Not able to Manage the Assimilation Threat?

General Andranik: "Alas, my task remained unfinished..."

Hamsheni Song Kuzim Performed by Katil Band from Armenia

7 Questions to 7 Armenians from 7 Countries

Teresa Mkhitaryan: Simple-Hearted Hero of Our Time. «I Have a Dream: Always Help People So that the Ones We Help Do Not Need Our Help Anymore»

The Cult of Mithra: Sacred Temples, and Vedic Legends, and Ancient Armenian Understanding

Recovering and Digitizing the desecrated Armenian cemetery of Julfa

The Last Interview of Hrant Dink [VIDEO]

The Battle of Holy Apostles’ Monastery: an Example of Unprecedented Heroism in Armenian History

The World Under The Spell of Armenian Duduk

Monte Melkonian, "The Question of Strategy", About ASALA and A.R.F.

Gladys Berejiklian – the First Woman Serving as a Prime Minister in the Oldest State of Australia

Karabakh Diary: About a Human in Inhuman Conditions of War

Serob Aghbiur: The Leadership of Revolutionary Hero

"I have defined my approach to the city as poetic epiphany": Yerevan in the eyes of an architect Andrey Ivanov

From the Comfortable Life in the USA to the Hell of the First World War: Captain Jim Chankalian

Reverent Beauty: The Met’s Armenia Show Is One for the Ages

"She Is Forged From Iron And Blood, Who Cannot Be Broken By A Thought Or A Word": The First Female Supreme Judge Of New Zealand Seerpoohi Elias

Armenians, Turks and Hrant Dink

The Eye of Istanbul Has Closed

6 Questions to 6 Armenians from 6 Countries

Leonid Azgaldyan's Interview During the Artsakh War [VIDEO]

The Assimilation Process of Armenians in Russia

Rabiz as a Mainstream of Armenian Popular Culture

Get A Life! A Message From Armenian Priest

The Most Precious Gift: A Short Novel by Vazgen Sargsyan

How the Armenians of the Mount Musa Celebrate one of the Main Religious Holidays of the Armenian Church in Lebanon [THE VIDEO]

Ferrahian High School: a Shining Example of an Armenian Community in the USA

Murder in Bourj Hammoud: Another Signal of the Decline of the Great Beirut Community

Notes About Yerevan in the 19th Century

“The Armenian and the Armenian”: How the House-Museum of American Writer William Saroyan Got a New Life Thanks to the Russian Armenian

Hitting the Axe by the Pen: Novel of Azerbaijani Writer about Armenian Pogroms

Survival Songs: From West to East

Armenian Americans: The Threatening Statistic

Garegin Nzhdeh about the party Dashnaktsutyun

Vahan Totovents, Life on the Old Roman Road

When the Melody of Violin is the Mirror of Soul: Ara Malikian Classical Music Star

Armenians of Tbilisi: The rich past and what is remained of it

Hovsep Emin and his Struggle for the Liberation of the Armenian People

Armenian Mythology. The Assyrian Queen’s Disastrous Passion for the Armenian King: Ara Geghetsik (the Beautiful) and Shamiram

Long History of Sarkisyan: From Antalya to Canada

Big and Small Town of Gyumri: the Character of the Town

Eprem Khan: a Story of an Armenian who Became the Leader of the Persian Revolution

Armenian Traditions and Customs of the XIX Century. Unique Materials Gathered by Researcher S. Zelinskiy. Weddings

"Father’s duty": the Most Famous Novel of the Western Armenian Writer and Genocide Victim Krikor Zohrab

Muscovite from Beirut: Tro Kendoyan About the Difference Among Armenians and Cities. Interview

Boris Akunin and his detective novel “Black City”: Armenian and Turkic nouveaux riches, oil tycoons, bandits and oil in Baku at the beginning of 20th century

Leonid Azgaldyan: This is Armenia and that is It

The Execution of the Armenian Generals in 1937: from the Distinction of Heroes to the Status of Offenders

Epic World: Which Gods were Venerated in Ancient Armenia

Monte Melkonian: Armenian-Related Terms. Who are Armenians and where is their Homeland

Monte Melkonian: Our Origins – True and False

Garo Palyan: the Hero of Our Times

Reminiscences of an Armenian from Middle East on repatriation to Soviet Armenia

Onnik Dinkjian: Descendant of Armenians from Tigranakert and Custodian of Armenian Musical Heritage

Yerevan: an ancient city without the Old City. Why is there no any old building preserved in a three thousand-year-old city?

A story of a forgotten song: from Central Asia to Armenia; from Armenia to Turkey

Ashugh Jivani: Russian writer Sergey Gorodetsky about one of the greatest Armenian musicians

Zabel and her tragedy. The history of one of the brightest Armenian women of the XX century