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An ancient region, a cradle of civilizations; a region that combines Asia Minor and the Armenian Highland; a region that starts at Bosphorus and ends at the borders of ancient Mesopotamia. The project is aimed at showing past and present of Anatolia. Get acquianted with its society, culture and challenges to the peoples of this region.

Bekir Coşkun: My Armenian Matter

Turkish Court’s Verdict On Hrant Dink Murder

A New Album by the Group Vova in Homshetsi Dialect

4 Ottoman Sultans Who Break Stereotypes

On the Other Side of Anatolia: Armenians of Western Asia Minor

A Publication in the Turkish Periodical Regarding the Castle of Hamshen Princes: “The Gateway to Fırtına Valley”

Pan-Turanism: Through Russia to Turkey

Turkey’s First Communist Mayor: Fatih Mehmet Maçoğlu

In the Eyes of a Turk: a History of Armenians from Bursa and Armenian-Turkish Relations

Turkish Historian Taner Akçam: Some Aspects of the Armenian Genocide and Silence of the Turks

Armenians in Turkey: The Struggle Must be Continued

23.5 Hrant Dink Site of Memory: So That Turkey Will Not Forget From Now On

Massacre Memorial Day in Dersim

Genocide of the Villages Chmshgadzak, Harasar, Bardizag, Tuma-Mezre

Hrant Dink's Famous Article "23.5th April"

Nazaret Daghavarian: the Bright Life, Arrest and Murder of the Distinguished Representative of the Elite of Constantinople

Crypto-Christians of the Ottoman Empire: Reasons, Problems and Consequences

Nazaret Daghavarian, "The birth of Protestantism and the Faith of the People of Qizilbash": the content of the book

“This language will live forever” An interview with Huriye Şahin, the author of the first Hemshinli grammar book

Armenian Smyrna: Life of the Armenian Community of the Greek City in the Ottoman Empire

In a Turkish town that had 10,000 Armenians, now there is only one

The Demise of Armenian Smyrna: an Oral History Perspective

Rare Historical Pages: Mass Killing of Armenians in Erznka (Erzindjian) in 1895

Taner Akçam. Turkish Historian about the Turkish National "I" and Some of Its Specifics

Father's Memoirs Published by Son: Takvor Hopyan’s Book About Armenian Genocide in Bolu

Daniel Varoujan’s Love Story

Gabriel Madilyan: The Defender Of The People On Both Shores Of The Black Sea

International Musicians Singing Armenian Song "Noubar" [VIDEO]

Sibil – The Voice of Western Armenia

Armenian Musical Event in Istanbul: Performance of the Musical Orchestra

What is the difference between “the ideological revolutionaries” and others?

Old Armenian Songs of the Dersim Province Restored by the Musician from Turkey: “There are no Boundaries in our Hearts, Politicians are those who Set them”

The Forgotten Hero of the Ottoman Empire: Memoirs of Sargis Torosyan as a Challenge to the Existing Order of things and History of Turkey. Part 1

The Forgotten Hero of the Ottoman Empire: Memoirs of Sargis Torosyan as a Challenge to the Existing Order of Things and History of Turkey. Part 2

First Female Dancer from the East: Leyla Bedirkhan

Monte Melkonian: Minority-Related Terms. About Ethnic & Religious Minorities in Turkey. Part 3

Monte Melkonian: Turkish-Related Terms. Who are Turks and where is their Homeland. Part 2

How the Turkish Musician at the Age of 40 Found Out that He is Armenian

Özcan Alper “Autumn”: Film Review

The Past and the Future of ‘Protesting’ Taksim Square in the Heart of Istanbul

Kardeş Türküler (Brotherly Songs): Through the Fraternity of Ballads to the Fraternity of Peoples

The Sultans's Era: the People of Turkey About the Past Elections

Daughter of the Sea: a touching story about the Syrian girl Meena written by the Turkish politician Demirtaş

Rafael de Nogales, Four Years Beneath The Crescent. Unique facts of Venezuelan officer of Turkish army who by chance became a witness of the Armenian genocide