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The Maat

The goddess Maat has left us her pen which will remind us of the truth and the justice. With that pencil we will write about history, culture, peoples, art and other interesting topics.

Massacre in Aleppo: the Short Story Written by Selahattin Demirtaş

Lost Tracks: Story Behind Tattoos

Afrin During the Armenian Genocide

A Road Trip Story: Everything You Can Imagine is True! Ibrahim Karagöz

Big Event for Armenians in Turkey: the Armenian Channel “Luys” (Light) Started its Broadcasting

Powerful Voice of the Motherland on the Roads of Wander: Tara Mamedova

The Zazas – Who are they?

“Seher”: The Story Written by the Turkish Opposition Politician Selahattin Demirtaş

Who are Yuruks?

From South Korea to Iran, from Iran to Turkey: Korean Zeynep’s Story of Life

The Orthodox Greeks in Turkish Mersin

Kerem Sevinç: a Singer Who Revived the Zazaki Dialect Through His Unique Music

WWHR – About Women's Rights in Turkey. My experience

Vakıflı: The Only Remaining Armenian Village in Turkey

Saz Baalama, it will not have a soul until you play it