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Sergey Melkonyan about Jews and Israel: Myth and Reality

October 28, Starts MARAR Program, the Long-Waited Armenian Project for the Diaspora

Bekir Coşkun: My Armenian Matter

Ten Questions to Zareh Sinanyan

Turkish Court’s Verdict On Hrant Dink Murder

Invasive Actions of Turkey Against Cyprus. Who is to Stop it?

Massacre in Aleppo: the Short Story Written by Selahattin Demirtaş

Coming Dissapearance of Europe: Demographic Study

Pan-Turanism: Through Russia to Turkey

Turkey’s First Communist Mayor: Fatih Mehmet Maçoğlu

In the Eyes of a Turk: a History of Armenians from Bursa and Armenian-Turkish Relations

The Return of ASALA’s Spiritual Father Gourgen Yanikian: ZHAM's Exclusive Interview with Armen Yergat

Turkish Historian Taner Akçam: Some Aspects of the Armenian Genocide and Silence of the Turks

Armenians in Turkey: The Struggle Must be Continued

23.5 Hrant Dink Site of Memory: So That Turkey Will Not Forget From Now On

Hrant Dink's Famous Article "23.5th April"

Crypto-Christians of the Ottoman Empire: Reasons, Problems and Consequences

A Road Trip Story: Everything You Can Imagine is True! Ibrahim Karagöz

Similarities Between Armenian and Persian

Diaspora Armenians Answer the Questions

The Problem of Mixed Marriages in Armenian Society

Big Event for Armenians in Turkey: the Armenian Channel “Luys” (Light) Started its Broadcasting

The Long-Waited Armenian Project for the Diaspora: MARAR 2019

Armenians in Russia: Why the Biggest Community in the World is Not able to Manage the Assimilation Threat?

“This language will live forever” An interview with Huriye Şahin, the author of the first Hemshinli grammar book

7 Questions to 7 Armenians from 7 Countries

In a Turkish town that had 10,000 Armenians, now there is only one

Powerful Voice of the Motherland on the Roads of Wander: Tara Mamedova

Teresa Mkhitaryan: Simple-Hearted Hero of Our Time. «I Have a Dream: Always Help People So that the Ones We Help Do Not Need Our Help Anymore»

Taner Akçam. Turkish Historian about the Turkish National "I" and Some of Its Specifics

Monte Melkonian: Kurdish-Related Terms. Who are Kurds and where is their Homeland. Part 4

Recovering and Digitizing the desecrated Armenian cemetery of Julfa

Why Don’t You Speak Homshetsi? (Ինչի՞ համշեցնակ խաբրե չես)

The Last Interview of Hrant Dink [VIDEO]

About the Number of Hemshil (Hamshen Muslims) Living in Turkey

The Zazas – Who are they?

Gladys Berejiklian – the First Woman Serving as a Prime Minister in the Oldest State of Australia

Christian Persians: History and Modern Era

"She Is Forged From Iron And Blood, Who Cannot Be Broken By A Thought Or A Word": The First Female Supreme Judge Of New Zealand Seerpoohi Elias

Who are Yuruks?

New DNA Study On The Origins of The First Civilizations of Greece Reveals Armenian Traces

6 Questions to 6 Armenians from 6 Countries

From South Korea to Iran, from Iran to Turkey: Korean Zeynep’s Story of Life

Rabiz as a Mainstream of Armenian Popular Culture

WWHR – About Women's Rights in Turkey. My experience

Vakıflı: The Only Remaining Armenian Village in Turkey

Get A Life! A Message From Armenian Priest

The Infographics of Armenian Dialects

Shooting from Nakhichevan. Areni Is In An Uproar. Who Is At Fault?

Akhtamar Needs Our Souls, not the Armenian Flags

Ferrahian High School: a Shining Example of an Armenian Community in the USA

Murder in Bourj Hammoud: Another Signal of the Decline of the Great Beirut Community

What is the difference between “the ideological revolutionaries” and others?

Armenian Americans: The Threatening Statistic

Monte Melkonian: Minority-Related Terms. About Ethnic & Religious Minorities in Turkey. Part 3

Yazidi Genocide: New Phase of Old Tragedy

Muscovite from Beirut: Tro Kendoyan About the Difference Among Armenians and Cities. Interview

How the Turkish Musician at the Age of 40 Found Out that He is Armenian

The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic: a Hostage or a Threat?

The Sultans's Era: the People of Turkey About the Past Elections

Garo Palyan: the Hero of Our Times

Archive of a newspaper 'Dzayn Hamshenakan'

Daughter of the Sea: a touching story about the Syrian girl Meena written by the Turkish politician Demirtaş

Yerevan: an ancient city without the Old City. Why is there no any old building preserved in a three thousand-year-old city?